Graduating with a Degree in Film & Photography in 2019!

Guest Dale Evans speaks about his photographic work and what it’s like to be in the academic world of photography today.


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Show Notes

00:05:54 - Mark’s Pro Tip - Seamless Uv Solid Moisture Neckwarmer, Headwrap Mask, Bandana,

00:12:02 - Michael’s Pro Tip - Small Rig Camera Video Cage

00:26:54 - Ron’s Pro Tip - Underwater Camera Cover

00:38:40 - Question of the week - Michael Mauro talks about hubs and poachers that post your images on instagram.

01:04:54 - Mark introduces Dale Evans

01:25:48 - How to find Dale Evans on social media.

01:28:20 - What brought Dale to Wyoming.

01:46:14 - Photography moment that stands out for Dale.

01:58:31 - Dale shares how he captured images of a nice bull caribou.

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Dale Evans

Dale Evans