Ron 's Wild Yellowstone Adventure

Making Memories in Yellowstone!

Ron travels to this gem of the west to tweak his DSLR videographer skills by filming Harlequin ducks in action.

Ron will have you rolling in the aisles as he recounts his predawn glamping mishap!

Tune in and hear about this weekend adventure!


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Show Notes

00:02:18 Ron’s Pro Tip - Stingray Color Combo Polarizers

00:04:55 - Mark’s Pro Tip - Waterproof Dry Bags

00:10:39 - Michael’s Pro Tip - Rode Compact on-Camera microphone

00:20:33 - Question of the week - Best way to post your video from DSLR or trail cam to social media from a pc laptop?

00:35:15 - Ron shares his time spent doing video in Yellowstone National Park.

00:49:52 - Where to go for settings for video on your DSLR, and what are the best settings.

01:12:02 - Ron spends some time photographing a bear on a bison carcass.

01:24:37 - Ron had to take a three hour detour.

01:27:25 - Ron wakes up the campground.