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Camera Trapping And More With Ron Niebrugge!

Michael, Ron, and Mark visit talented nature photographer Ron Niebrugge at his home in Seward, Alaska. Listen in as Ron highlights his experiences from the past year as well as discussing his latest specialty - camera trapping! Ron also shares his insights with his new mirrorless Olympus camera.

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Alaska Summer Wilderness Adventures With Shawn James.

Michael Mauro and Mark Raycroft of the Wild and Exposed Podcast team, are joined by special guest Shawn James of the myselfreliance YouTube channel, as they discuss their 2-week summer Alaska Wildlife Adventure. This episode was recorded from a wilderness mountainside after a morning spent filming the largest subspecies of moose on the planet.

Wildlife photography, gear, and incredible destinations are all covered as they discuss Shawn Jame's first time traveling to the great state of Alaska, to join the Wild and Exposed Podcast team on this epic adventure.

Shawn James talks about his first time seeing and filming an Alaskan Brown Bear. His time spent at Brook's Falls, located in Katmai National Park, and how he observed and filmed sows with cubs as well as large male brown bear catching salmon. The river was brimming with Sockeye Salmon that were swimming upstream, while the bears tried to catch their share for lunch. Shawn observed that the large male Alaskan brown bears seemed to occupy the area near the falls and the females with cubs were well below the falls to keep their distance and their cubs away from the large males.

Shawn talked about the gear that he found worked the best for photographing and filming the brown bears at Brook's falls, Katmai National Park. Highlighting the time that was able to film bears in slow-motion catching salmon...a buck-list clip for many!

Another of Shawn's brown bear highlights was being able to film a pair of cubs play-wrestling in the water.

Michael Mauro mentions the benefit of being able to access so much of Alaska by floatplane and the incredible vistas and aerial photography gained from those perspectives.

Shawn James also enjoyed seeing and photographing the many cabins that he discovered on his first trip to "the last frontier".

The Wild and Exposed Team also discussed with Shawn, the challenges that they and he constantly face when trying to capture both professional still photographs and professional video on the same trip. Shawn discusses how he capitalizes on these amazing opportunities with such photogenic animals, and the majestic landscapes, to produce both mediums for his work.

And there's sit back, watch, listen, and enjoy the journey to Wild Alaska with the Wild and Exposed Podcast Team!

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Adventures of A Charter Boat Captain From Seward, Alaska!

Join the Wild and Exposed Podcast team out at sea as they hear firsthand what it’s like to be a boat captain, from Bill Bruner, owner of Seward Charters. Bill reveals many treasures and entertaining tales from the Kenai Fjords region of Alaska!

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Mark visits Shawn James of the super-popular YouTube channel “myselfreliance” at his remote wilderness cabin. Listen in as they discuss wildlife photography and make plans for their upcoming Alaskan adventure!

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7 Week Solo Canoe Adventure!

Join the Wild and Exposed podcast team as they hear about Tim Irvin’s incredible 7-week solo canoe adventure in the remote northern Canadian wilderness. The abundance of wildlife encounters are truly amazing during the exploration!

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Spirit Bears and Beyond!

Join the gang as we invite wildlife photographer, ecologist, writer, and outdoor adventurer, Tim Irvin onto the show to share insights and stories from his years working in the world-renowned Great Bear Rainforest!

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Wildlife Photography as a Healing Tool.

Landscape, Sport and Wildlife photographer, Scott Wilson talks about moving to Colorado from the UK, and how photography has become a vessel of positive healing power during his serious health challenges.

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Graduating with a Degree in Film & Photography in 2019!

This week we sit down with Dale Evans as he shares his experience studying, filmmaking, and photography at college, as well as his passion for the outdoors and talent in the field.

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Ron 's Wild Yellowstone Adventure

Making Memories in Yellowstone!

Ron travels to this gem of the west to tweak his DSLR videographer skills by filming Harlequin ducks in action.

Ron will have you rolling in the aisles as he recounts his predawn glamping mishap!

Tune in and hear about this weekend adventure!

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