How to Build a Portfolio BY FOCUSING on One Species!

Join Mark, Michael, and Ron, as they discuss in detail, the strategies to starting their careers in wildlife photography by focusing on one species and building a portfolio that depicts all of the seasonal changes and behaviors of their animal of choice.

Mark began by immersing himself into the world of White-Tailed Deer, Michael turned his telephotos towards the iconic Rocky Mountain Elk, and Ron highlighted the intriguing world of the Swift Fox.

By following their passions in wildlife, and by selecting species that they were extremely interested in, they began their careers and built their photographic reputations.

Being a specialist, and focusing on a specific species is a great way to build and develop a wildlife photography portfolio.

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Show Notes

00:03:00 - Michael’s Pro Tip - Photo storage for Amazon Prime members

00:28:03 - Mark answers a question from instagram regarding the lens he uses.

00:33:00 - Question of the week - How to know if your images are tack sharp

00:41:55 - Renting camera equipment

00:47:38 - How to build a portfolio by focusing on one species.

Whitetail Deer by Mark Raycroft

Elk by Michael Mauro

Swift Fox by Ron Hayes

Missy MacKenzie