Technical Wildlife Photography

On location in the Northern Rockies, Michael catches up with photographers, Harlan Cooper and Jason Loftus. The trio discuss the technical aspects of “Getting the Shot”, including the art of reading behavior of light and your subject in order to position yourself, capturing the the perfect image.

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Show Notes

00:01:50 - Harlan Cooper describes how Mule Deer became his niche.

00:14:27 - Jason Loftus explains when he got started in Photography.

00:29:30 - How important is it to capture video for that story.

00:31:50 - Michael asks what mechanics went into getting the amazing elk photo, both Jason and Harlan captured.

00:54:00 - Harlan tells a funny story of his wife capturing some awesome video.

01:01:44 - Harlan shares a story about a young angry buck.

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