The Ultimate Road Trip Adventure

Launching into the Spring Season , We are getting into the field, Michael and Missy, who are starting off by hitting the road and taking the ultimate road trip adventure from Colorado to Alaska.

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Show Notes

00:03:29 - The guys discuss the using the Osmo Pocket and the Osmo Action camera.

00:06:16 - Michael talks about the camera’s he is planning on using during the trip.

00:14:46 - Michael shares his plan or not so much of a plan.

00:18:13 - Michael describes the vehicle that he and Missy will be driving and how it came about.

00:32:05 - Mark and Ron describe Waterton National Park and Glacier Natl. Park.

00:45:00 - Mark tells a funny behind the scene story.

00:54:51 - Mark shares a travel hack that has the group in tears, laughing.

01:10:11 - Michael talks about getting some drone footage.

Missy MacKenzie