Mark and Ron’s Crackerjack, Wildlife Adventure In Central Alaska

Follow along with Mark, Ron and guest, “Tyler Burr” on their Epic, Cracker Jack wildlife adventure in Central Alaska. Hear about their iconic experience hiking up steep mountain sides in search of Dall Sheep and what it takes in order to photograph these agile creatures.


2:11 - Mark introduces guest, Tyler Burr

9:50 - Mark shares what it takes to photograph sheep

17:37 - Michael talks about the importance of staying in shape.

23:30 - Ron paints the picture of the the hike. 

27:28 - Michael asks the guys what equipment they brought with them on the hike.

34:41 - Mark and Ron talk about what they saw when they reached the sheep. 

37:00 - Ron’s Camera smacks a rock.

39:28 - Mark describes the epic scenario with the scenery and the sheep

49:14 - Tyler explains seeing a Ram on the descent.

52:27 - Michael talks about wolves chasing the sheep on the rock ledges