Looking For Caribou and Moose In Central Alaska

Show Notes

4:39:21 - Mark and Tyler put their packs on for the first hike in search of caribou, moose, and more! This trip begins with a lush green landscape, but within days the tundra transforms in front of their very eyes! Listen in to the story to join in on the hikes…and, oh, and those wild blueberries! What a score!

8:17:14 - A long, but very enjoyable hike over the tundra pays off in the end as a majestic bull caribou offers a unique image as he leaps in the autumn foliage! Mark shares this awesome caribou behavior that they observed for the first time! The caribou was likely irritated by a bot fly as often occurs to these tundra walkers.

24:35:19 - Mark, Ron and Tyler find their first monster moose. What an amazing experience during a crisp sunrise! The Goliath bull had dreadlocks as he was shedding his velvet that very day!

40:32:03 - The group follows a moose unprepared for the conditions that they encounter. The photo shoot was a success but significantly wetter than anybody had bargained for!

Missy MacKenzie