An Interview with Alaska’s Moose Researcher - Dr. Vic Van Ballenberghe

Join Mark and Michael as they sit down with Dr. Vic Van Ballenberghe to hear about the fascinating career of Alaska’s longest standing Moose Researcher.  The details of his studies, field observations, and encounters that span more than 3 decades in wild Alaska are sure to both thrill and educate listeners. Tune in for an entertaining behind the scenes, as we discuss the iconic northern giants of the deer family

Show Notes

2:59 - Vic makes the claim that he has spent more time in the field with wild moose than any other biologist in North America.

4:16 - living in central New York on a dairy farm; what sparked Vic’s interest in wanting to become a wildlife biologist.

6:39 - Vic talks about his first wolf study in North East Minnesota.

11:27 - Vic shares his story on starting a moose study in 1980 in Denali National Park.

17:22 - Vic talks about his studies of groups of moose and shares the behavior, habits and patterns.

30:00 - Vic shares stories of observing grizzly bears chasing down moose.

38:29 - Vic and Mark discuss the abundance of tics and predation elements and what is causing the moose population to shift.

46:14 - Mark asks Vic to share a story of an encounter he had with a injured moose.

55:55 - Vic shares that the prevailing model in for predator control and management of predation on moose has some short comings.

1:00:30 Michael asks Vic of any observations of white moose in the Park.

1:02:50 - Vic shares how a camera helped him document the behavior of moose.

Unique, gorgeous, and highly recommended. 
--Midwest Book Review

  • Wildlife biologist Victor Van Ballenberghe gives insights into the species, their habitat, and predators

  • Intimate stories about the moose the author has studied for extensive periods

  • The grace, gentle nature, and beauty of these giants are captured in lively text and dramatic full-color photos