Doug Gardner shares his adventures filming in the swamps

Michael, Mark and Ron interview "Doug Gardner", A freelance wildlife cinematographer, DP and photographer based out of Manning, South Carolina. 

 Over the past decade Doug's cinematography has taken center stage with many clients such as the BBC, National Geographic and PBS to name a few. With epic video footage and breathtaking photographs of elusive subjects; Gardner’s clients have dubbed him the “Navy Seal Of Wildlife Photography” for his ability to elude detection by animals and humans alike.


8:29:11 - Michael introduces cinematographer, "Doug Gardner".

11:59:06 - Doug explains how he came up with an idea of a tv show, and where this show would take his career.

22:28:23 - Laugh with the guys when Doug tells a story of a show he was doing when he pronounced the name of a bird incorrectly.

23:55:00 - Mark and Doug talk about the diversity of life in a swamp.

24:48:21 - Doug shares what the biggest hazard or danger is in the swamps, the misconceptions of wildlife and how to work with particular species.

30:02:05 - Doug talks about his research on Wood ducks and mallards for the Water Fowl Association and how it connected him to the BBC.

36:47:06 - Doug explains the process of the Wood duck laying and hatching eggs, and how he can predict when these ducklings will be making the big jump.

39:38:10 - Doug describes the steel towers and platforms that had to be made prior to the birds nesting.

41:20:20 - Trouble in the nests with several different predators.

56:05:03 - Doug explains the idea he came up with for a custom built boat, in order to film and photograph without movement.

1:08:40 - Mark finds himself heading to the hospital for antibiotics, after finding a tick latched to his arm.

Missy MacKenzie