Dive Deeper Into Wildlife Video

Mark is intrigued with video and gets more than his questions answered when Michael and Doug share and compare video cameras.

Show Notes

00:19:24 - Doug shares his pro tip - Tripod stability and perspective.

00:21:04 - Michael’s pro tip - Neutral density

00:24:13 - Ron’s pro tip - Changing angles, perspectives and composition

00:30:18 - Mark’s pro tip - How to find new places to photograph.

00:35:17 - Answers to an online question - tips to help grow your business.

00:46:06 - Mark asks Michael and Doug what video camera or camcorder works for commercial applications.

01:00:00 - Michael talks about DSLR’s.

01:04:46 - Is there a shelf life for 4K ?

01:13:27 - Things to think about before purchasing or changing your equipment.

01:24:49 - When video works and stills won’t.

01:28:00 - Michael talks about the importance of having a team.

Michael’s Pro Tip

Missy MacKenzie