A Landscape Photographer's View

Landscape photographer, Nick Page, shares landscape tips / tricks and how to implement them into more environmental portraits of wildlife.

Podcast Notes

04:00:09 - Michael shares his pro tip.

06:43:07 - Doug shares his pro tip/pet peeve.

12:30:09 - Ron shares his pro tip on shooting through thermals.

15:45:12 - Nick’s pro tip on staying dry with boundary socks.

21:19:13 - How Nick got started in photography.

25:54:07 - Doug talks about the difference between decent video and really good video.

31:12:14 - Nick’s equipment and how he prepares himself for unexpected wildlife appearing in his shot.

33:59:09 - Nick talks about switching to mirrorless cameras.

40:33:03 - Michael and Nick talk about why and when tripods are necessary.

47:06:08 - What Nick looks for in a landscape image.

58:45:02 - Nick shares his camera settings when shooting night scenes.

1:05:15:14 - Nick gives advice to wildlife photographers when looking for the environmental portrait.

1:07:41:21 - How important it is to plan a head for location and shot.

Pro Tip Links

Nick’s Pro Tip

Michael’s Pro Tip

Images by Nick Page