BigHorn Sheep Documentary In Progress

Doug shares his experiences and insights as he leads a pair of photo workshops on the wintering grounds for the largest continuous herd of bighorn sheep in the United States.

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Show Notes

11:38:10 - Doug’s pro tip on follow focus.

17:03:10 - Michael’s pro tip using koozies.

19:08:11 - Ron’s pro tip, building networks.

25:05:04 - Mark’s pro tip, defeating cold weather.

28:58:02 - Question of the week.

39:20:23 - Doug shares some inside information on the wild sheep documentary he is working on.

46:10:06 - Surprise appearance of mule deer while photographing sheep.

58:05:00 - Ron and Doug talk about the area Doug is photographing in and the amazing petroglyphs.

01:01:32 - Doug shares what he uses and how to future proof video for such uses as documentaries.

1:10:50 - The guys talk about wild sheep behavior and where they would like to go to photograph the rut.

Images By Ron Hayes

Pro Tips


Doug Gardner’s Bighorn Sheep Video’s

Mountain Dew commercial

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