Watch Alaskan Salmon, filmed underwater - DJI Osmo Action Camera

Explore the underwater world of spawning salmon along the wild coast of Alaska, created by the the wild and exposed podcast team. Michael Mauro and Mark Raycroft film a relaxing and enjoyable perspective of the underwater landscape of the pink salmon run in the Alaskan wilderness. By using DJI Osmo Action cameras the wild and exposed podcast team reveal the natural marvel of the returning salmon. Over two days Michael Mauro and Mark Raycroft fine tune their underwater technique and share what they've learned when testing out the best way how-to capture this incredible spectacle of aquatic wildlife migration with the Osmo Action camera. Despite being professional wildlife photographers, this trip to Alaska is Michael Mauro and Mark Raycroft's first time filming underwater and this salmon run, timed at low tide, provided the perfect scenario for them to iron out any wrinkles and put their action cameras to the test. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the crystal clear footage that they recorded in this stunning Alaskan wilderness river. Watch the interesting fish behaviors and try to count how many times they knock the Osmo Action cameras with their enthusiastic upstream migration. Males fight over nesting female territories, see the salmon approaching right up to the Osmo Action cameras, and then watch them swim past on their journey up the fresh water coastal river. The voyage that these fish undertake is one of planet earth's most impressive natural phenomena, and the footage collected by the wild and exposed podcast team reveals the salmon in all their colorful glory as they complete their run from the saltwater ocean up this freshwater tributary to spawn, complete their lifecycle, nourish a wealth of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, and most importantly, launch the next generation.

Michael Mauro