Photography and Adventure with Spirit Bears in the Great Bear Rainforest

Wildlife photography and adventure in the great bear rainforest, British Columbia, Canada. Join the wild and exposed professional photography podcast team, Michael Mauro, Mark Raycroft, and Ron Hayes, who can be found at apple podcast ( ) as they explore the unique coastal region of the great bear rainforest, with nature photographer and wilderness guide Tim Irvin. Nature photography, bear behavior, and insights into this amazing ecosystem of the great bear rainforest are highlighted by Tim's years of experience in this outdoor wilderness. A wildlife photographer's dream destination, where bears, wolves, salmon, whales, eagles, and more can be seen and filmed from boats or onshore make this incredible landscape a bucket-list destination. From his first adventure exploring the great bear rainforest, Tim has found it to be an irresistible coastal wilderness where the ocean and rainforest meet to create one of the most diverse ecosystems on planet earth. The combination of marine life and terrestrial life makes it an unforgettably wild travel destination. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who is passionate about wildlife, nature, adventure, and the outdoors. Tim shares how-to do this trip, what gear to take, and what to expect from the wilderness experience in this informative and entertaining podcast. Tim is passionate about enhancing the human relationship to nature. In collaboration with Marvin Robinson of Hartley Bay, a remote village on the coast of British Columbia, he provides transformative, wilderness encounters that changes the participant's response to bears from fear to wonder and appreciation. Spirit bears are a rare, white subspecies of black bear found only in the islands and immediate mainland of the great bear rainforest. With only four or five hundred of these unique animals left on the planet, Tims efforts to connect us to these remarkable bears is an invitation to engage us powerfully with nature firsthand. Tim Irvin's stories leave the Wild and Exposed podcast team ready to sign up for their own adventure to this coastal world of the great bear rainforest and the amazing animals that call it their home. Be drawn into the wild and mystical world of the great bear rainforest and the spirit bear!

Michael Mauro