The Importance of Copywriting, Watermarking and New Camera Technology !

Michael, Mark, and Ron catch up and discuss all the new camera technology the importance of watermarking and copywriting your images. They also share a few pro tips that will come in handy the next time your out in the field and want to stay dry.


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Show Notes

00:05:31 - Michael gets a new lens for the Sony camera.

00:18:56 - Mark shows off his Fisher Price Camera

00:19:30 - Ron talks about new Canon mirrorless camera coming out.

00:40:50 - Michael’s Pro Tip - Rain Covers

00:43:14 - Ron’s Pro Tip - Waterproof socks

00:52:28 - Mark’s Pro Tip - Getting the best rate when you travel.

00:55:44 - Mark shares the importance of watermarking and copyrighting your images.

Ducks Back Rain Covers