Alaskan Mountain Wildlife Photography, Tips Through the Seasons!

Join Michael and Mark as they record a podcast on a mountainside with Alaskan resident photographer and Dall sheep specialist Jerry Herrod. Hear what it’s like to live in Alaska from Jerry, the incredible seasonal wildlife photography opportunities, and the challenges and rewards of photographing in the endless wilderness mountains. Jerry shares tips and tactics, gained from years of experience photographing in this truly amazing landscape.


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Show Notes

00:02:46 - What got Jerry into wildlife photography?

00:06:18 - Shooting in Alaska!

00:18:47 - What is on Jerry’s list for wanting to photograph?

00:27:58 - Why pack Heather’s choice meals or snacks?

00:32:06 - How to deal with hydration

00:36:06 - Cliff hanger!

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Heathers Choice meals and snacks

Images by Jerry Herrod