Adventures of A Charter Boat Captain From Seward, Alaska!

Join the Wild and Exposed Podcast team out at sea as they hear firsthand what it’s like to be a boat captain, from Bill Bruner, owner of Seward Charters. Bill reveals many treasures and entertaining tales from the Kenai Fjords region of Alaska!


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Show Notes

00:01:50 - Bill describes what it’s like having a dream job.

00:04:50 - Mark shares the breath taking views.

00:11:30 - Bill explains the changes he has noticed the last few years.

00:20:02 - Your not in Kansas any more. Bill shares how he came to Alaska.

00:28:54 - Bill describes his boat and how he came up with the name.

00:37:11 - What you can expect from Bill and Seward Charters.

Seward Charters