Wildlife Photography and Workshops

Is taking a photo tour or workshop on your bucket list? Wild and Exposed have some plans up their sleeve and are letting you in on some upcoming adventures.

Show Notes

00:06:56 - Mark describes the book he had published in 2017 about moose called, Moose: Crowned Giant of the Northern Wilderness. (See link below)

00:10:10 - Michael finds a great deal on some 8TB drives.

00:15:26 - Mark shares the information regarding Costco car rentals.

00:27:09 - Mark’s pro tip - How to sell your work on a professional level.

00:41:54 - Ron’s pro tip - Organizing your images from the beginning.

00:55:13 - Question of the week - What is a good tripod for hiking and field work?

01:05:55 - Main subject of the podcast - Photo tours and workshops.

01:06:30 - Ron defines the differences between tours and workshops.

01:28:47 - Ron let’s some information regarding upcoming workshops out of the bag.


Moose:Crowned Giant of the Northern Wilderness

Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB Drive

Missy MacKenzie