Travel Tips For the Photographer

Tips, tricks, and hacks for photographers on-the-go! This podcast is full of helpful ideas and information that the guys have come up with to make your traveling easier and less stressful.

Show Notes

00:02:37 - Michael shares his experience using the Sony Alpha a7riii mirrorless camera on the Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 on his last shoot.

00:14:01 - Ron is out in the field in Western Wyoming with his wing man, Heath (son)

00:19:27 - Mark shares how things are in wintry Ontario.

00:20:37 - Mark shares information about the upcoming 2019 Iditarod sled dog race across the Alaskan wilderness!

00:22:57 - Mark, Ron, and Michael discuss the differences between a personal page vs a business page on FB.

00:36:30 - Question of the week. What is a Moose Beard?

00:39:06 - Mark’s first travel tip - How Mark packs his gear for his adventure trips.

00:59:32 - Ron’s first travel tip - Research before leaving on a trip.

00:57:40 - Michael’s travel tip - Prevent from having to head to a store right from the airport - plan ahead to simplify.

01:01:50 - Ron’s second tip - Be Intentional.

01:04:07 - Mark’s second tip - Food management for vehicle-based travel.

01:08:36 - Michael’s second tip - Packing a power strip and how it can simplify charging while traveling.

01:12:36 - Mark goes glamping. What?!

01:24:35 - Ron’s third tip - Weight restrictions.

01:30:17 - Michael’s third tip - Internet security. What Michael does for added protection when working on his laptop from the field.

01:37:11 - Ron’s tip - Prioritize!