Day 4 - Canadian Rockies

Ron and Michael waited for 3 hours, positioned at a respectful distance from a Bald Eagle nest (thanks to their telephotos) in hopes of filming this iconic bird in flight.  Their patience paid off!  They collected a series of great action images, as well as some amazing video, as one of the parents returned with a fish clasped in it's talons to offer to the young eaglets! (To see the video action click on the short video below).

Michael had a surprise opportunity and was able to film coyote pups at a den.

Mark and Ron had the amazingly good fortune to find and film a black bear feeding on catkins (one of their favourite spring foods) high up in an aspen tree!  (To watch the video click on the link below).

This podcast was recorded in the field as the Wild and Exposed team enjoyed the moss-covered forest floor of the old growth mountain forest.  One of them may have commented that it was a comfortable as their couch at home!

Mark did another video short on how black bears scent mark during the mating season (see link below).