Day 3 - Canadian Rockies

Cooler morning in the Northern Rockies...there was a frost at higher elevations as well as snow in the air!

First wildlife experience - Hoary Marmots and Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels.

Ron had an assistant while shooting ;)

Mark discussing using the new iPhone Gimbal, the DJI Osmo mobile II.

Mark and Ron found a spruce grouse to film in an old growth forest.

Michael talks about filming coyote pups at the den using the impressive pre-record function of the RED Camera.

Ron discusses filming at the eagle nest and how patience paid off!

Michael is quizzed about a mysterious cowboy that walks into the woods…maybe a pioneer ghost?

Ron is able to check another image off his trip wish list - Black Bear standing up scent-marking!

Behavior tip - Black bear scent marking is discussed.

Mark’s new Moose book just received a 1st place National book award :) -