Best of Alaska!

Michael, Mark and Ron each share one of their most memorable and exciting adventures that they’ve had photographing in the Alaskan wilderness.

Listen in as they describe stories from bears clamming along coastal tidal beaches, caribou sparring on the autumn tundra, and wolves sniffing their boots.

And what is going on with Mark? Find out why he recently used a tripod, and signed up for a Facebook account.

Show Notes

00:10:48 - Mark finally gets a Facebook account

00:19:53 - Michael’s pro tip - Cleaning your sensor

00:30:17 - Ron’s pro tip - Using your histogram

00:35:37 - Mark’s pro tip - Be prepared to carry your gear

00:39:18 - Question of the week - Preferred hiking backpack

00:46:00 - Michael talks about the best carry on bags for him when traveling

00:50:59 - Ron’s most memorable day in Alaska

00:58:45 - Mark shares his most epic adventure in Alaska

01:09:35 - Something about that first time trip to Alaska for seeing wildlife

01:13:34 - Michael shares his experience with wolves in Alaska

Link for Think Tank Camera Backpacks

Camera sensor cleaning kit

Understanding Histograms

Images by Mark Raycroft

Images by Ron Hayes

Missy MacKenzie