Adventures In the Far North of Churchill Manitoba, Canada With Joe Desjardins

This podcast will have you saving your pennies and packing your bags. Red Fox, Cross Fox, Arctic Fox and Polar Bears, Oh My!! Churchill Canada is a must do trip, located on the shores of Hudson Bay.

Hear what you need and what to expect when photographing in this cold, magnificent place.

Show Notes

00:03:36 - Mark’s pro tip - Altering perception

00:05:27 - Ron’s pro tip - Experiment

00:09:15 - Question of the week - Using trail cameras

00:20:38 - Mark welcomes our guest of the week - Joe Desjardins

00:24:50 - Joe talks about his first camera and the camera he uses now, the Panasonic Lumix.

00:39:16 - Joe’s favorite subjects to photograph

00:41:02 - Mark talks about the Blue Bear

00:43:23 - Joe shares his adventures in Churchill, Canada photographing polar bears

00:50:48 - Mark and Joe talk about the importance of keeping your camera at a consistent temperature.

00:54:07 - Joe gives information about his workshops

1:05:47 - Joe’s highlight wildlife experience

1:09:02 - Joe’s go to gear for 2019

A True story of Friendship and Discovery in the Alaskan Wild, by Lynn Schooler

Joe Desjardins website

Joe Desjardins - Instagram

Images by Joe Desjardins

Missy MacKenzie