Interview with Jason Loftus

Michael and Ron sit down with Jason Loftus talking about wildlife photography… How you can photograph your whole life and still not learn everything there is to know. As well as the challenges you can face while out in the field.

9:13 - Jason talks about the challenges of getting that perfect shot.

13:00 - Jason’s go to place for post processing.

16:25 - Advice for people who are just starting photography and finding your passion and drive.

22:37 - Jason shares his favorite areas to photography elk and the importance of researching an area before heading out.

30:41 - Mike, Ron and Jason talk about the importance of telling a story with an image and what that one favorite image is of there own and why.

43:19 - Getting out of your comfort zone and finding new places and subjects to photograph.

Images from the Colorado Autumn Shoot

Images seen on Instagram- by Jason Loftus

Personal Favorite Images