Today was a great day! Made it out the door in complete darkness and got to the lek in ample time.

2:39 Mark talks about the incredible behavior the birds displayed and how they take their time to access the situation and choosing a mate.

7:20 Mark explains how seeking out birds was never his niche but how impressed he was with grouse and their behaviors and how much fun he had being able to observe these animals.

9:15 Rons tells about the distance of the birds on the periphery and describes the behavior and dynamic of the lek.

11:35 Mark describes the sage grouse looking like punk rockers and the contrast of the birds with the white snow.

12:50 Mark explains once again how hard he was working lying low in a prone position and ready for when the sun came up; however Michael and Ron believed to hear snoring.

15:52 Ron talks about the conditions during the season and how often you get the ideal situation for photographing these amazing birds.

18:47 Michael thanks Ron for showing them all the areas to photograph in Wyoming including the ferruginous hawk nests they saw today. Image included.

20:48 Michael talks about what a great place Wyoming is to photograph wildlife but without Ron’s help, it would have been impossible to know of a species and based on particular conditions, knowing exactly where these places are.

29:00 Mark and Michael give Ron their list of wildlife request with only 24 hours remaining. Some of the request consist of a badger, golden eagle, sasquatch, and mountain lion.

30:03 See a selfie of Michael, Mark and Ron on the last day of the trip. Mark talks briefly about the type of landscape and change of weather with the possibility of pond hockey.

31:06 Michael brings up the importance of having the turkey chair and being able to be low and comfortable.

38:06 Closing of podcast and the links to website and social media. Next podcast will be the conclusion to the Wyoming grouse trip.