Day 7 thru 9 - Canadian Rockies

Ron and Mark have the chance to film a photogenic black bear boar, that has a very tan-colored muzzle, as he's on the move looking for a receptive female.

We discuss a photo and filming opportunity with a black bear sow and 3 cubs of the year...and touch on the biology behind the fact that the triplets likely have different fathers and why.

An epic morning filming a huge male grizzly bear is relived from when he was first spotted, backlit along the forest's edge, to when he surprisingly slept for 45 minutes within sight of us, and then gave us the photo opportunity that we'd all been dreaming of!

We describe an amazing encounter with a cow moose and newborn calf of the year!  What an exciting opportunity to have happen near the end of the trip!

While filming the moose, a black bear sow and cubs emerge from the timber less than 200 yards away!

The morning of our departure - after this podcast was recorded it snowed in the high country (June 10th!) and Mark was able to find and photograph a black bear in snow! (click on video below).

Michael Mauro