Wyoming - Day 2 - Sage AND Sharptail Grouse



Due to inclement weather and unable to photograph this morning, the guys are podcast ready.

1:40 Mark discusses instagram and the images that deserve  appreciation and taking a little longer to look at an image and appreciate the time and hard work that may of went into getting that particular image.

8:06 Mark explains the importance of staying a minimum 10 days at any location in order to develop an appreciation and get over the wow factor to get good images.

15:00 Mark and Ron compare camera settings to try to figure out why they are getting different size files when downloading raw files.

16:00 Mark describes bigger is better and why the flexibility in post production is huge.

18:50 Mark is shocked to hear that it took Ron 6 hours to download 1000 images

25:25 Mark discusses the different behaviors of animals and what it takes to make an image more interesting and what to watch for when photographing wildlife.

34:00 Ron talks about the advantage of modern equipment and not being stuck using one iso and how to demonstrate motion by changing your settings.

36:41 Mark shares different camera supports to enhance movement and action using video.

40:42 Michael describes how large the tool box is for video and compares it to still photography.

42:07 Michael talks about the difference of shooting in Alaska compared to the lower forty eight due to sunrise and sestet.

45:00 Mark and Michael talk about how the perspective one can achieve by using a drone.

57:50 Since it is snowing,  Ron shares his idea of possibly photographing eagles on a carcass that he is aware of.

1:00:27 Closing of Podcast and website information.