Antarctica Photo Expedition (Including Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia)


For most, Antarctica is the hardest and most expensive continent of the seven to visit.  Michael was at the right place at the right time and everything fell into place, for his first ever trip abroad. With a few short months of planning, he and three other photographers embarked on their journey to travel from the US to the Antarctic Peninsula.  Traveling by plane from Denver to Los Angelas to Buenos Aires, Argentina to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego and then by boat across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula.  The travel alone was an epic adventure, add the remote wilderness that is Antarctica, the unique wildlife, the return to Tierra del Fuego and the exploration of Patagonia and you have the makings of an unforgettable adventure tale.  

Join us as Mike shares his adventures and imagery with Mark and Ron on the Maiden Voyage of the Wild and Exposed Podcast.


Podcast start, your host Michael Mauro talks about his one month, epic adventure to the continent of Antarctica in the early 2000’s.

2:22 Michael talks about the nature of the trip. Leaving from the Southern tip of South America, “Tierra Del Fuego” to the Antarctica Peninsula.

5:02 Michael gives his description and explains being a little leery of being on an old Russian Ice Breaker with broken stabilizers and a crew that only spoke Russian crossing the Drake Passage; which is known for it’s angry, rough seas.

9:15 Michael explains the various beaches they would explore that would consists of icebergs, hot springs, and several different  species of seals, birds and penguins.

12:26 Michael talks about the different species of penguins and how one King Penguin that is normally not found in this area was some how blown off course and is now sharing space with this other colony of penguins.

14:24 Michael describes the importance of paying attention to the behavior of the penguins when you hear any glacier calve. If the Penguins take off, It’s time to get out of there.

19:36 Michael explains the seas were equally rough on the return, and the captain finally giving in and just allowing the ship to flow with the waves.

23:33 This is not the end of the adventure! Michael and his friends decided since they were already in South America, Why not drive 3 or 4 hours and explore Patagonia.

25:48 Michael describes the five boarders they had to cross and the different hostels, hotels and restaurants they experienced along the way.

32:25 Michael compares the campgrounds they came across to the campground found in the USA.  He also describes the spectacular views of Lake Azul and various vegetation.

44:05 Michael talks about the insecurities and preconceived ideas the media puts out there about traveling to different countries and continents and the reality of every where they traveled his experience of the people have been nothing short of genuine and pleasurable.

49:44 Mark explains there is always a risk involved with exploration and adventure.

55:45 The team wraps up the podcast with Michael, Ron and Mark inviting you to ask any questions or send any constructive criticism their way and subscribe to the podcast to hear more adventures.