Comparisons Between Shooting Stills and Video In The Real World

More and more people are moving to video. Learn what it takes, what to look for and how it compares to taking still photos.

Show Notes

00:07:46 - Michael shares his pro tip.

00:11:34 - Ron shares his pro tip.

00:22:59 - Mark’s pro tip on white balance

00:35:20 - Michael shares how to create a teaser trailer in iMovie.

00:52:27 - Michael shows how to copyright your video clip.

01:02:03 - Creating Vlogs using your short video clips.

01:11:30 - Thinking about all the transition shots and b-roll when shooting video to tell the story.

01:23:15 - No better time for a videographer when it comes to gear.

Ron Hayes Instagram-bobcat video

Michael Mauro instagram-moose video

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Images by Ron Hayes

Missy MacKenzie