Dynamic Wildlife Behavior

Static images and portraits have their place, but learn to create images that tell a story and reveal behavior for the greatest impact.

Show Notes

00:08:30 - Michael talks about filters for the Osmo Pocket

00:16:21 - Mark’s pro tip - Pop up ground blinds.

00:22:07 - Ron’s pro tip - Learning to read light.

00:28:00 - Michael’s pro tip - Have your gear and setting ready.

00:34:33 - Question of the week - walking through work flow.

00:44:00 - Podcast on Dynamic wildlife behavior.

00:45:32 - Michael’s #1 dynamic behavior- Getting that walking shot.

00:48:14 - Ron’s #1 dynamic behavior - Inclement weather

00:51:37 - Mark’s # 1 dynamic behavior - Antler Crowns! Photographing the behaviors of ungulates (Caribou, Deer, Elk, & Moose) during the early autumn pre-rut. From velvet shedding to sparring!

00:59:32 - Michael looks for Anthropomorphic (related to human behavior)

01:03:28 - Ron talks about the rutting season and pre rut.

01:05:32 - Mark talks about focusing on the Amazing & Intricate Sharp-Tailed Grouse springtime mating lek display!

01:09:20 - Michael suggests leaving the long lens at home.

01:16:45 - Ron talks about catching reflections in your images.

01:20:12 - Mark’s #3 dynamic behavior - Springtime Black Bear mating season behaviors ….especially scent-marking by mature males!

01:26:59 - Michael’s final tip - Including something man made into your photos.

01:30:55 - Ron’s final tip - getting the first of the year animals nursing.

01:36:12 - Mark’s final tip - Predator / Prey Relations! The rare, but very real opportunities to document predator behavior in the wild.

Images By Mark Raycroft

Images by Michael Mauro

Images by Ron Hayes

Missy MacKenzie