My Self Reliance with Shawn James

Join Michael, Ron, Mark, and special guest Shawn James as they talk about Shawn’s hugely successful YouTube channel “My Self Reliance”.

Shawn shares his insights into how his passion developed into his show about living off the grid in the Canadian Wilderness.

Using traditional tools and his bushcraft skills, he built his log cabin and outbuildings by hand.

Shawn dives into all the focus, effort, camera gear, and the post-production learning curve of creating his world-renowned show.

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Show Notes

00:16:15 - Ron’s pro tip - Get your photo blinds out early.

00:18:20 - Michael’s pro tip - Trek Pak

0023:20 - Mark’s pro tip - You Do You!

00:26:41 - Question of the week comes from Mark - Neutral density filters

00:46:00 Michael talks about using drones

My Self Reliance



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